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King Comedy - English Standup

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King comedy - English StandUp

Skaffa Biljett NU!

🎉King Comedy Club, where the king and queens of comedy will perform.🎉

Join us for an exclusive one-of-a-kind comedy event, where the best drinks are served along with the best jokes you ever heard.

King comedy offers a variety of comedy, but all in English.

When? 9 December
Where? Phils Burger, Malmskillnadsgatan 11, Stockholm

Witch station? T-CENTRALEN

Hosted by the very talented Milad Parchami, as your host,we will guarantee you a night to remember.

Milad Parchami MC
Milad Parchami has truly transformed the comedy scene since his arrival in Sweden. Bringing his quick-witted talent and improvisational skills to the Swedish comedy stage, he has stirred laughter and elevated the energy at local clubs all over Sweden.

Additionally, he hosts his own weekly show at The Big Ben Standup Comedy Club for his International Night, where he continues to captivate audiences. Milad Parchami's presence has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the comedy landscape, infusing it with his unique style and infectious humor. His performances are not to be missed, as they promise an unforgettable experience filled with laughter and entertainment.

Kathryn LeRoux

Kathryn's acting style is like a bag full of loose candy - she has dipped her toes in Meisner, flirted with Uta Hagen and even danced wildly with Stanislavski. The result? Characters so real you feel like inviting them to coffee.

Join us as Kathryn is transformed into characters that will make your laughter ring out. You will not just watch, you will become part of her enchanting world. Don't miss your chance to witness the brilliance of Kathryn LeRoux, because she doesn't just act - she brings stories to life!

Israel Tshibangu

Israel Tshibangu is a stand-up comedian born in Congo and raised in South Africa. A few years ago he moved to Sweden. Israel brings Africa to you. His humor is based on his childhood and the period when he grew up around Africa. He explains in the most entertaining ways how he managed to adapt to the Swedish lifestyle and culture.
Israel brings Africa to Sweden and lets you see the world through his eyes in a unique way. Book your place for an unforgettable evening filled with laughter and insights into life both in Sweden and on the other side of the world.

We know that laughter is the best medicine, so we're here to provide you with a daily dose of humor, unexpected jokes and the occasional fun surprise. Let go of everyday worries and join us as we create a world filled with laughter and joy.

Have you always dreamed of making people burst out laughing? Or are you just a comedy geek who loves to laugh out loud and heartily? Either way, gather your friends and come join this unique show!

So, set the clock to 8:00 PM on November 11th, dress in your most laugh-friendly mood, and join at Phils Burger at Malmskillnadsgatan 11

Psst... Don't forget to practice your biggest, loudest, most contagious laugh - you're going to need it! 🎤😄🎉

"Hjärtligt välkomna"

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Skaffa Biljett NU!

In order to get a seat, we recommend that you arrive at admission at 19.00

Age limite: 18 years and you can also ore-purchase here !


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